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GoTravelBliss Travel and Tours is a registered Philippine-based travel and tours agency. We assist clients in ticketing, booking, preparation and all aspects of travel and tours. We deal with inbound (from abroad to the Philippines), outbound (from the Philippines to anywhere in the world) or domestic (to any point within the Philippines) travel. Check the menu of services or contact us to book a flight, hotel, travel or tour, or for inquiries.

GoTravelBliss is simply an extension of our love to travel. Around 2005, we started logging the stories and photos of our trips in a blog. We started GoTravelBliss in the tail end of 2010, a decision that came naturally. We’ve explored these places so we believe we could better make recommendations to fellow travelers. We’ve done our share of bargain-hunting in our own travels, so we can relate with our clients. The increasing volume of inquiries also made us realize that we need to formally immerse ourselves into the travel and tours business in order to adequately respond to the queries. GoTravelBliss thus came into being; without funfare, but with the same advocacy. Read more About Us.

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