Preparing for Summer 2011 and Holy Week Vacation

Book in advance. If we can give only one tip for this summer, that would be it (paraphrasing the sunscreen speech). Every day of delay increases the risk of frustration later on.

Advance booking is one of the tips we’ve previously noted to get the best deals and save on travel expenses. That presupposes, of course, that you still have enough savings for vacations even if the price of oil and almost everything has risen beyond our comfort level. Even so, you’ll have more chances of stretching your budget by booking in advance.

It is summer. Kids and adults alike want to enjoy the sun and the sand in summer. Ladies would want to strut that bikini-ready body. And boys, well, will be boys.

It’s school vacation. Every student is out celebrating the end of the school year and gaining enough summer points to last them through the next school year. There’s the Holy Week (see list of 2011 national holidays). Religious beliefs aside, everyone seems to go out and have fun. Factor in the company outings, usually scheduled during summer, and you’ll get what we’re driving at — everybody will be out this summer.

What does that mean? Fully-booked hotels and loaded restaurants. Traffic jams, busted car aircons and sweaty armpits (we’re not saying that so you’ll take the airlines, because planes will most probably be loaded as well).

So, if you are remotely contemplating going out this summer, this is the best time to check your wallet and make initial bookings. We can’t help you with the sweaty armpits, but we can help you with your bookings, tickets and travel arrangements.

Well? What are you waiting for? Christmas? =) Contact us! Now na!

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