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For the serious backpacker, looking for travel destinations and setting up accommodations – by themselves – are part of the thrill. This may also be true to those who are less serious travelers, but are budget conscious. If you’re familiar with the place, if you have an idea where to go, if you know where to look, if you have network in your dream vacation place, you could do the booking yourself.

Setting up a tour (e.g., sightseeing, shopping, educational, religious, etc.), especially for those who have not visited a distant or foreign destination, could be better done through a travel agency. It’s more convenient.

Cheaper for group tours. In GoTravelBliss‘ experience, traveling though a group usually brings in discounts and freebies. There’s always power in numbers. Now, even if you’re just a pair, there may still be welcome inclusions like free airport-to-hotel transfers (especially in international travel).

Familiarity with the local environment and culture. It may happen that we spend more time and money in looking for a good local destination. A package tour, on the other hand, includes a number of destinations and sights, usually with an English-speaking guide to help tourists navigate the unique local culture and explain the various destinations.

Properly coordinated schedule. The bus, for instance, waits at the airport, ready to bring the group to the hotel. Checking-in is faster. Transportation to the destinations and back to the hotel are set up. There are many advantages of a well-coordinated travel tour.

There are downsides, of course, as nothing is perfect in this world. If you’re the adventurous soul, you may feel satisfied with the fixed tour schedule and destinations. Sometimes penalties are imposed if you deviate from the itinerary. Sometimes there are mandatory tips. There are matters that you should discuss in detail with your travel agency.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions (remember, those who ask courteously get good karma). At GoTravelBliss, for instance, we always give reminders to our existing clients. Just like the matters set forth in this article. Enjoy your tour.

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