Tips for Field Trips and Educational Tours

A field trip or educational tour is very helpful to supplement what the child, pupil or student learns in school. Theoretical knowledge is better grasped, especially for young minds, with real-world illustrations and experience. A field trip also provides a welcome variation in the day-to-day academic life of children. Here are some tips or suggestions, guidelines if you will, in planning for an educational tour.

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Educational value

The destination should ideally reinforce what the students learn in school. For instance, classes on body parts and functions may choose the Life Museum, Museong Pambata or the Science Discovery Center. Lessons in history may be supplemented by a trip to Corregidor Island or Mt. Samat.

Safety of the place

The school or educational institution, including the teachers, are considered the second parents as far as school activities are concerned. The principle of “in loco parentis”, or in “place of the parents”, imposes legal obligations on the administrators on the safety and well-being of the children.

Cleanliness of the place

Schools emphasize cleanliness and order. Teachers or instructors tell parents to be consistent even at home, so there’s no variance between what is taught in school and what is seen at home. Same thing with the field trip venue. Besides, an unclean venue says a lot about how it is run.

Child-friendly environment

This should not be lumped with the safety and cleanliness of a place. The venue may be clean and safe, but it has features that may not be fit for a child’s age (e.g., destinations beside adult bars).


While kids and teenagers appear to have boundless energy, they easily get bored. Plus the energy may be of better use exploring the destination rather than spent in the long journey.


In an ideal world, the expense required for a field trip is not a problem. However, just like the purpose of a field trip which is to ground theory in reality, planners of a field trip must be realistic and consider the fact that not everyone has generous budgets. Factor in what’s acceptable to the entire batch. Look for creative and alternative ways to fund the trip. We’ve seen many trips involving no cash-out from the parents.

[Let us know should you need assistance in preparing for the field trip or educational trip package.]

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