It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

The Philippine government recently announced it’s newest campaign to promote the country as a prime travel / tours / holiday / vacation destination. The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently launched the It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign, complete with attention-grabbing and fun photos that coincide with the slogan.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The website of the new campaign stresses that “[w]herever you go in the Philippines, it’s the Filipinos that will make your holiday unforgettable. Just ask anyone who’s been here. In fact, Lonely Planet guidebook calls us ‘among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere’. Find out for yourself why it’s more fun in the Philippines. And make the most out of your next vacation.”

“All the people who love the Philippines now have the simple, truthful answer to a question we are asked all the time,” according to Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. It’s simply more fun in the Philippines, whether the angry birds (photo of cockfighting), stairway to heaven (photo of Banaue Rice Terraces) or planking (Filipino pork lechon). These are some of the endless possibilities and experience that reflect why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Of course, there are certain issues surrounding the campaign. Some point out to the same campaign by another country more than half a century ago. Some say it’s not the best there is. On the other hand, some say the beauty of the slogan is it’s simplicity — anyone, Filipino and foreigners alike, could use it to reflect their experience and say why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Each one has his/her opinion. What do you think of the slogan and the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign? Please use the comment section below to express your thoughts.

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