Surprise Yourself, Go Travel

In the greater scheme of things, travel does not figure in the hierarchy of needs. It’s something that we can live without if we want to be strict about it. Travel expense is the first to go when there’s a need to whip the wallet into shape. For us, however, travel is perched on a higher plane that what may be considered normal.

More than Facebook

We could imagine how, for many, the age of facebook and social media has ushered in an era of extreme connectivity that overwhelms the senses with the personal lives of other people. For many, particularly the young, travel photos are part of the basket of things considered cool. But travel is not about being cool. Travel should have a purpose beyond being cool, beyond facebook.


When people work really hard, it’s only right that they take time out to wind down and relax. It’s a crucial time for the body to recuperate and for the soul to heal. Travel could be different for each person, but it generally connotes stepping out of the daily chores. It is a time to step back and recharge. Think of it like going to the spa/salon if you’re a woman (come to think of it, instead of cutting your hair when you breakup with him, go travel with your friends) or going out for a couple of beers if you’re a man (trust us, beer tastes better out on the white sand of Boracay). It’s like indulging in chocolate (most of the time or once in a while?).

Expanding Comfort Zones

It’s normal to overlook what’s familiar. We take for granted people around us, simply because we assume they will always be there. We overlook the beauty of our surroundings because, well, there’s nothing exciting about what we see on a daily basis. As the cliche goes, familiarity breeds contempt.

Travel could be a lot of things. It could involve a stay in a hotel that most resembles our own home, with the usual comfort and the usual stuff. Better still, travel could could involve, and should involve, a step outside our comfort zones. It must challenge us to expand our appreciation of the universe. It must expand our horizons. It must push our boundaries, both physical and psychological.

While we are Young

Of course, we learn to value our time only when we begin to experience our mortality. How many times have we heard people say that “no dying man has wished to have spent more time at the office”? We’ve encountered many individuals wishing to have travelled when the vitality of youth was still there (skyjumping is a terrible idea for not-so-young travel junkies with heart problems). We must live our lives, and — wait for the next cliche — not simply exist.

Mo’ Money

Travel is not exactly cheap. Fortunately, neither should it be expensive. Our constant wanderings have shown us that “expensive” is not the automatic antonym of “cheap” when it comes to travel. Travel expense could be reasonable, we say, and we can say this because this travel agency, GoTravelBliss, came about as a natural extension of our love of travel and, perhaps more importantly, our addiction to the FUN of discovering how travel could be reasonably inexpensive.

What we are saying is this — travel is a joy to the body and soul, and it is not necessarily expensive. So go ahead, surprise yourself. Go. Travel.

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