Surprise Yourself, Go Travel

In the greater scheme of things, travel does not figure in the hierarchy of needs. It’s something that we can live without if we want to be strict about it. Travel expense is the first to go when there’s a need to whip the wallet into shape. For us, however, travel is perched on a higher plane that what may be considered normal. Continue reading “Surprise Yourself, Go Travel”

GoTravelBliss Practical Travel Tips and Reminders

In travel, both the destination and the journey are equally fun; that is, if there are no major hiccups along the way. Here are some tips and reminders that we’ve compiled based on the more recent visit to Europe. Feel free to add more tips through the comment section below. Have a safe and fun travel! Continue reading “GoTravelBliss Practical Travel Tips and Reminders”

Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Why is it more fun in the Philippines? We really want to explain it to you, but words cannot do justice to the sensory overload when you experience the Philippines. The best way to know why it’s more fun in the Philippines? Go to the Philippines [and we’ll gladly help with your travel and tour arrangements]. Watch this video: Continue reading “Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines”

Vietnam: Travel and Tour Tips

Travel or tour to another country has its unique challenges and surprises. Consistent with our practice of visiting a destination in order to experience it firsthand and better make recommendations to clients, we’ve recently traveled to Vietnam. Here are some tips when visiting Vietnam: Continue reading “Vietnam: Travel and Tour Tips”

Tips for Field Trips and Educational Tours

A field trip or educational tour is very helpful to supplement what the child, pupil or student learns in school. Theoretical knowledge is better grasped, especially for young minds, with real-world illustrations and experience. A field trip also provides a welcome variation in the day-to-day academic life of children. Here are some tips or suggestions, guidelines if you will, in planning for an educational tour. Continue reading “Tips for Field Trips and Educational Tours”

Preparing for a Company Outing

A company outing, the time when everyone is expected to unwind and recharge (except a few who gets to stay to hold the fort, so to speak) OUTSIDE the office, is and should be a major event. The company outing should be carefully planned. Here are some tips and suggestions, guides to remember when planning your corporate outing: Continue reading “Preparing for a Company Outing”

How We Could Help You Travel

Blissful and inexpensive travel generally requires booking in advance. You can avail of existing promos and reduced prices for advance booking. If you’re planning your travel and vacation ahead, it’s time-efficient and more productive for both of us if you send us an email instead. Continue reading “How We Could Help You Travel”

Tips and Reminders in Preparing for a Vacation

It’s officially summertime. It’s going to be a very hot Philippine summer full of fun, sand and sun. It’s time to take time off from work or school, and relax even for a while. But before you go invading the resorts and hotels for the anticipated summer vacation with your family and friends, you need to go through the hassle of preparing, making travel plans, booking and reservation. Here are some unsolicited reminders: Continue reading “Tips and Reminders in Preparing for a Vacation”

Tours through GoTravelBliss Travel

For the serious backpacker, looking for travel destinations and setting up accommodations – by themselves – are part of the thrill. This may also be true to those who are less serious travelers, but are budget conscious. If you’re familiar with the place, if you have an idea where to go, if you know where to look, if you have network in your dream vacation place, you could do the booking yourself. Continue reading “Tours through GoTravelBliss Travel”

Travel Tip: Typhoons in the Philippines

A typhoon, somewhere else in the world, is also called a storm, cyclone or hurricane. No matter how it is called or how it is characterized, I’m confident that you don’t want a typhoon if you’re planning to go on a vacation to the Philippines. You don’t want canceled flights and delayed travel schedules because of the weather. However, regardless of your preference and as sure as the sun rises, typhoons pass through the Philippines. It’s just a matter of how many typhoons pass in a year and how strong each typhoon is. Continue reading “Travel Tip: Typhoons in the Philippines”

Best Deals: Tips on Airline Promos

Maybe you’re already aware that airlines have plenty of promotions nowadays, like the 1-peso fare for local destinations (exclusive of tax and other fees, of course). These promos stimulate air travel, which is good for customers, and result to keeping the travel industry afloat. Continue reading “Best Deals: Tips on Airline Promos”

An Indefinite Visa for the Philippines

A tourist visa is the usual avenue for anyone going for a quick look of another country. For non-Filipinos who fell in love with the Philippines and would want to stay much, much longer, then a tourist visa may not be enough. How would it sound if a foreigner can secure a visa that allows an indefinite stay in the Philippines? Continue reading “An Indefinite Visa for the Philippines”

A Brief Introduction for Travelers to the Philippines

If you’re planning to travel to the Philippines, and we hope you are, there may be certain helpful information that you might want to know about this archipelagic nation composed of 7,107 islands. We shall be discussing these tips and reminders in this category from time to time. Continue reading “A Brief Introduction for Travelers to the Philippines”