Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you a registered travel and tours company?

Yes, GoTravelBliss Travel and Tours is a registered Philippine-based travel and tours agency. Read About GoTravelBliss to know more about us.

Are you limited to Philippine travels? Do you offer trips and tours abroad?

While we specialize in Philippine travel and tours, we also have the network to assist you in international travel — airline tickets, airport-hotel transfers, hotels, tours, etc. We assist clients in ticketing, booking, preparation and all aspects of travel and tours. We deal with inbound (from abroad to the Philippines), outbound (from the Philippines to anywhere in the world) or domestic (to any point within the Philippines) travel. See the Menu of Services to know more or Contact Us to book a flight, travel or tour, or for inquiries.

Why is mentioned a lot? All photos seem to come from there?

GoTravelBliss is simply an extension of our love to travel. Around 2005, we started logging the stories and photos of our Philippine trips in a blog, which eventually became We started GoTravelBliss in the tail end of 2010, a decision that came naturally. We’ve explored these places so we believe we could better make recommendations to fellow travelers. We’ve done our share of bargain-hunting in our own travels, so we can relate with our clients.

How do we get updates of promos and travel deals?

Feel free to subscribe to this blog (click here) or join the facebook community to keep updated of promos, discounts, best deals and group travel/tours.

How can GoTravelBliss help us in our travel/vacation?

If you know where to go but don’t know how to get there, we could help you make travel arrangements and bookings. If you don’t know where to go, just a general idea on what you want, we could still help you. For instance, you want to give a travel wedding gift, particularly the honeymoon, tell us what kind of place the bride and groom enjoys so we can make arrangements. And even if you know where you’re going and know how to go there, we could still assist you in bookings, reservations and purchase of tickets/services. It would also be helpful if you give us your budget, so we could set up a suitable package. It’s time-efficient and more productive for both of us if you send us an email instead. Here’s why.

I sent an email but I didn’t get any reply?

When sending an email, please make sure that the email you provide is correct. Before hitting the “send” button, double check the spelling of your email. Our reply sometimes bounce with a note that the email address you’ve provided does not exist.

Why use a blog? Why not use the formal website?

The use of a blog format is logical, considering that it is inexpensive, convenient, simple and easy to update. Nothing fancy, just a hassle-free venue where we could share discounts, promos and best travel deals. Besides, come to think of it, a blog is a website.