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  • Corporate. We provide convenient and customized travel/transportation/tour solutions for companies (e.g., travel of officers and employees, company outings, incentive tours, out-of-the-office seminars and events).
  • Individual. We help you plan your travels and dream vacations. Tell us your budget and your preferences, and we’ll help you look for great deals and promos.
  • Group Travel. The more the merrier. Strength in numbers. Group travel means higher discounts and more promos. Verily, the more, the cheaper.

By Destination

  • Inbound. If you’re abroad and planning to travel to and explore the Philippines, we’ll be in a unique position to help you.
  • Outbound. Travel from anywhere in the Philippines to anywhere in the world.
  • Domestic. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the Philippines is a beautiful country. Join us in exploring the Philippines.

By service

  • Ticketing/Booking
  • Tours
  • Field Trips and Educational Tours
  • Transportation/Car Rental
  • Hotel and Resort Accommodation
  • Conventions and Seminars